Wreck-It Ralph

Wreck-It Ralph

Official Premiere Release Date: October 29, 2012
Official General Release Date: November 2, 2012
Copyright: Disney Enterprises, Inc. © 2012
Distributed by: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
MPAA Rating: PG (Parental Guidance Suggested ~ Some Material May Not Be Suitable For Children) for Some Rude Humor and Mild Action/Violence
Length: 101 Minutes

Cast and Characters
  Cast Character/Performance Notes
Ava Acres additional voice
Isabella Acres additional voice
AKB48 'Sugar Rush'
Skylar Astin Roy
Bob Bergen additional voice
Dave Boat additional voice
Buckner and Garcia 'Wreck-It, Wreck-It Ralph'
Reed Buck additional voice
Michael Carlsen additional voice
Adam Carolla Wynnchel
David Cowgill additional voice
Jim Cummings additional voice
EG Daily additional voice
Debi Derryberry additional voice
Kevin Deters Clyde
Will Deters additional voice
John DiMaggio Beard Papa
Terri Douglas additional voice
Jamie Elman Rancis Fluggerbutter
Sandy Fox additional voice
Eddie Frierson additional voice
Tyler Ganus additional voice
Earl Ghaffari additional voice
Tucker Gilmore Sugar Rush Announcer
Tucker Gilmore Turtle
Emily Hahn additional voice
Jennifer Hale additional voice
Jess Harnell Don
Rachael Harris Deanna
Dennis Haysbert General Hologram
Kyle Hebert Ryu
Martin Jarvis Saitine
Phil Johnston Surge Protector
Mindy Kaling Taffyta Muttonfudge
Daniel Kaz additional voice
Brian Kesinger Cyborg
Dave Kohut additional voice
Kool & The Gang 'Celebration'
Maurice LaMarche Root Beer Tapper
Reuben Langdon Ken
Joe Lo Truglio Markowski
Katie Lowes Candlehead
Jane Lynch Sergeant Tamora Jean Calhoun
Lauren MacMullan additional voice
Mona Marshall additional voice
Jack McBrayer Fix-It Felix, Jr.
Edie McClurg Mary
Scott Menville additional voice
Tim Mertens Dr. Brad Scott
Rich Moore Sour Bill
Rich Moore Zangief
Laraine Newman additional voice
Ed O'Neill Mr. Litwak
Owl City 'When Can I See You Again?'
Paul Pape additional voice
Raymond S. Persi Gene
Raymond S. Persi Zombie
Cooper Reed additional voice
John C. Reilly Wreck-It Ralph
Rihanna 'Shut Up And Drive'
Gerald C. Rivers M. Bison
Lynwood Robinson additional voice
Trenton Rogers additional voice
Jadon Sand additional voice
Horatio Sanz Duncan
Brandon Scott Kohut
Stefanie Scott Moppet Girl
Sarah Silverman Vanellope von Schweetz
Skrillex 'Bug Hunt'
Roger Craig Smith Sonic The Hedgehog
Kath Soucie additional voice
Jamie Sparer Roberts Yuni Verse
April Stewart additional voice
Fred Tatasciore additional voice
Josie Trinidad Jubileena Bing Bing
Alan Tudyk King Candy
Jennifer Christine Vera additional voice
Cymbre Walk Crumbelina Di Caramello
Adorabeezle Winterpop
Citrusella Flugpucker
Dig Dug
Dr. Eggman
Gloyd Orangeboar
Minty Zaki
Nougetsia Brumblestain
Peter Pepper
Snowanna Rainbeau
Sticky Wipplesnit
Swizzle Malarkey
Torvald Batterbutter

Original Score Composed by Henry Jackman
Additional Music by Dominic Lewis
Score Conducted by Nick Glennie-Smith

 Song Composer/ Lyricist Performers Notes
Bug Hunt Written by Skrillex Skrillex
Celebration Written by Ronald Bell, Claydes Smith, George Brown, James Taylor, Robert Mickens, Earl Toon, Dennis Thomas, Robert Bell, Eumir Deodato Kool & The Gang Courtesy of The Island Def Jam Music Group under license from Universal Music Enterprises
March Of The Winkies Written by Herbert Stothart
Shut Up And Drive Written by Gillian Lesley Gilbert, Peter Hook, Stephen Paul David Morris, Evan Rogers, Carl Sturken, Bernard (GB 2) Sumner Rihanna Courtesy of The Island Def Jam Music Group under license from Universal Music Enterprises
Sugar Rush Lyrics by Yasushi Akimoto, Music by Jamie Houston AKB48
When Can  I See You Again? Written by Adam Young, Matthew Thiessen, and Brian Lee Owl City
Wreck-It, Wreck-It Ralph Written by Jamie Houston Buckner and Garcia
Award Year Winner/ Nominee Category Recipient Notes
Academy Awards 2012 (85th) Nominee Animated Feature Film Rich Moore
Annie Awards 2012 (40th) Winner Best Animated Feature Walt Disney Animation Studios
Annie Awards 2012 (40th) Nominee Outstanding Achievement in Animated Effects In An Animated Production Brett Albert
Annie Awards 2012 (40th) Nominee Outstanding Achievement in Character Design In An Animated Feature Production Bill Schwab, Lorelay Bove, Cory Loftis, & Minkyu Lee
Annie Awards 2012 (40th) Winner Outstanding Achievement in Directing In An Animated Feature Production Rich Moore
Annie Awards 2012 (40th) Winner Outstanding Achievement in Music In An Animated Feature Production Henry Jackman, Skrillex, Adam Young, Matthew Thiessen, Jamie Houston, & Yasushi Akimoto
Annie Awards 2012 (40th) Nominee Outstanding Achievement in Storyboarding In An Animated Feature Production Leo Matsuda
Annie Awards 2012 (40th) Nominee Outstanding Achievement in Storyboarding In An Animated Feature Production Lissa Treiman
Annie Awards 2012 (40th) Winner Outstanding Achievement in Voice Acting In An Animated Feature Production Alan Tudyk as the voice of "King Candy"
Annie Awards 2012 (40th) Winner Outstanding Achievement in Writing In An Animated Feature Production Phil Johnston & Jennifer Lee
Annie Awards 2012 (40th) Nominee Outstanding Achievement in Editorial In An Animated Feature Production Tim Mertens


  • Asteroids, Battlezone, Centipede, Food Fight and Pong courtesy of Atari Interactive, Inc.
  • Blanka, Cammy, Chun-Li, E. Honda, Ken, M. Bison, Ryu, and Zangief © CAPCOM U.S.A., INC. 2012
  • Street Fighter is a trademark and/or registered trademark of Capcom U.S.A., Inc.
  • Q*bert, Coily, Sam, Slick, Ugg, and Wrong Way © 2012 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc.  All Rights Reserved.
  • Peter Pepper™ from Burger Time™ courtesy of G-Mode Co., LTD.
  • Metal Gear Solid, Frogger, and Dance Dance Revolution X2 courtesy of © Konami Digital Entertainment
  • Beard Papa courtesy of Muginoho International, Inc. and Craig I. Takiguchi
  • Pac-man™, Blinky, Pinky, Inky, Clyde, Dig Dug, Fygar, and Pooka © NAMCO BANDAI Games, Inc., used by permission of NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc.
  • NESTLÉ NESQUIK and WONKA LAFFY TAFFY courtesy of Nestlé USA, Inc.
  • Nintendo properties used with permission of Nintendo Co., Ltd.
  • Sonic The Hedgehog, Dr. Eggman, Neff, and Sonic Championship courtesy of SEGA, © SEGA.  All Rights Reserved.
  • Root Beer Tapper, RoadBlasters, and Paperboy used courtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.



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