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Sofia The First: The Floating Palace

Sofia The First: The Floating Palace

Official Television Premiere Release Date: November 24, 2013
 Disney Enterprises, Inc. © 2013
Produced by: Disney Television Animation
Animation Production by: Toiion Animation Studios
TV Ratings:
 TV-Y (All Children ~ This program is designed to be appropriate for all children. Whether animated or live-action, the themes and elements in this program are specifically designed for a very young audience, including children from ages 2-6. This program is not expected to frighten younger children.)
Length: 48 Minutes

Cast and Characters
  Cast Character/Performance Notes
Jeff Bennett Farley the Seagull
Jeff Bennett additional voice
Jodi Benson Ariel
Jodi Benson Queen Emmaline
John Ross Bowie Sven the Seahorse
Wayne Brady Clover
Darcy Rose Byrnes Princess Amber
Zach Callison Prince James
Jim Cummings Wormwood
Jim Cummings additional voice
Jackie Gonneau additional voice
Tim Gunn Baileywick
Kerry Gutierrez additional voice
Jess Harnell Cedric
David Heckel additional voice
Joyce Kurtz additional voice
Scott Menville additional voice
Sarah Mitchell Cora
Phil Morris Plank
Sara Ramirez Queen Miranda
Kiernan Shipka Oona
Ronnie Sperling additional voice
Travis Willingham King Roland II
Ariel Winter Sofia

Original Underscore by Kevin Kliesch
Songwriter John Kavanaugh

 Song Composer/ Lyricist Performers Notes
Sofia The First Main Title Theme Written by John Kavanaugh and Craig Gerber



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