Oz The Great And Powerful

a Roth Film production
in association with
Curtis Donen Productions
Oz The Great And Powerful

Official Theatrical Premiere Release Date: February 14, 2013
Official Theatrical General Release Date: March 8, 2013 
Disney Enterprises, Inc. © 2013
Distributed by: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
Animation by: Sony Pictures Imageworks Inc.
MPAA Rating:
Rated PG (Parental Guidance Suggested ~ Some Material May Not Be Suitable For Children) for Sequences of Action and Scary Images, and Brief Mild Language
Length:  130 Minutes

Cast and Characters
  Cast Character/Performance Notes
Arnold Agee Quadling Blacksmith live-action
Bernard A. Allemon dancing Munchkin live-action
Betsy Baker Quadling Woman live-action
Ele Bardha utility stunts live-action
Bert Beatson puppeteer
John Bentley utility stunts live-action
Jim Bird Emerald City Citizen live-action
Russell Bobbitt Mr. Baum live-action
John Lord Booth III Oz's Tent Barker live-action
Mikayla Bouchard Emerald City Citizen live-action
Chad Bowman utility stunts live-action
Zach Braff Frank live-action
Zack Braff Finley
Bob Buck Emerald City Citizen live-action
Bruce Campbell Winkie Gate Keeper live-action
Keith Campbell utility stunts live-action
Mariah Carey 'Almost Home'
Ariel M. Carlson utility stunts live-action
Andy Cheng utility stunts live-action
Kenneth D. Ciszewski Emerald City Citizen live-action
Bill Cobbs Master Tinker live-action
Brandon Ryan Cornell utility stunts live-action
Dan Cota dancing Munchkin live-action
Ja'Vonne Cousins Quadling Child live-action
Tony Cox Knuck live-action
Rob Crites Firebreather live-action
Wendy Cutler Emerald City Citizen live-action
Chris Daniels utility stunts live-action
Jake Dewitt utility stunts live-action
William Dick Front Gate Barker live-action
Arturo Joe Dickey utility stunts live-action
Dale Drew dancing Munchkin live-action
Danny Elfman 'The Munchkin Welcome Song'
Melissa Exelberth Quadling Woman with Broom live-action
Steve Finley utility stunts live-action
Lil Jon Flip dancing Munchkin live-action
Steve Forbes Quadling Farmer live-action
James Franco Oz live-action
Spencer Frost dancing Munchkin live-action
Julie Gershenson Quadling Greeter live-action
Ryan Gray utility stunts live-action
Tad Griffith utility stunts live-action
Charles Grisham utility stunts live-action
Dan Gruenwald dancing Munchkin live-action
Chester F. Guilmet Emerald City Citizen live-action
Brandon Hamilton Singing/Dancing Munchkin live-action
Stephen R. Hart Winkie General live-action
Randy Haynie utility stunts live-action
Erin I. Herman utility stunts live-action
Danny Hicks Emerald City Citizen live-action
Sara Holden utility stunts live-action
Tim Holmes Strongman live-action
Phillip Huber China Girl marionette artist
TJ Jagodowski Quadling Mayor live-action
Gene Jones Wild West Barker live-action
Suzanne Keilly Concessioner live-action
Joey King China Girl
Joey King Girl in Wheelchair live-action
Martin Klebba Munchkin Rebel live-action
Julius Kline III Quadling Scarecrow Maker live-action
Mila Kunis Theodora/Wicked Witch Of The West live-action
Stevie 'Puppet' Lee Munchkin Carriage Driver live-action
Dan Lemieux utility stunts live-action
Nicholas Lindsay-Abaire Emerald City Boy live-action
Ralph Lister Girl in Wheelchair's Father live-action
Mani Love dancing Munchkin live-action
Victoria Lurz Quadling Child live-action
John Michael Manfredi Disgruntled Kansas Man live-action
Bart McCarthy Emerald City Man live-action
Michael S. McGuire utility stunts live-action
Jim Moll Emerald City Citizen live-action
London Moore utility stunts live-action
Shannon Murray Girl in Wheelchair's Mother live-action
Dan Nelson Quadling Man with Flowers live-action
John Paxton Elder Tinker live-action
Matt Philliben utility stunts live-action
Eduardo Piedra dancing Munchkin live-action
Channing Pierce Coochie Girl live-action
Eric Potts dancing Munchkin live-action
Nellie Ann Prestine-Lowery Emerald City Citizen live-action
Deborah Puette Quadling Baker live-action
Timothy Patrick Quill Emerald City Man live-action
Jordan Rafael dancing Munchkin live-action
Danielle Ragland Female Munchkin Rebel live-action
Dashiell Raimi Quadling Bugle Boy live-action
Emma Raimi Emerald City Citizen live-action
Oliver Raimi Quadling Drummer Boy live-action
Ted Raimi Skeptic in Audience live-action
David Reinstein 'Oz's Magic Show Piano'
Sasha Reynolds Quadling Child live-action
Roberto Juan Rodriguez 'Shofar'
Andrea Rogers utility stunts live-action
Bill E. Rogers Emerald City Citizen live-action
Adam Romano dancing Munchkin live-action
Jeff Sanders utility stunts live-action
Ellen Sandweiss Quadling Woman live-action
Jay Schwalm Emerald City Citizen live-action
Brian Searle Clown live-action
Mia Serafino Emerald City Citizen live-action
Isabella Shepard Quadling Child live-action
Peter B. Simpson utility stunts live-action
Abigail Leigh Spencer May live-action
David Spradlin dancing Munchkin live-action
Robert Stromberg Disgruntled Kansas Man live-action
Nancy Lee Thurston utility stunts live-action
Theresa Tilly Quadling Seamstress live-action
Michael Trisler utility stunts live-action
Jayne Violassi Emerald City Citizen live-action
Kyle Weishaar utility stunts live-action
Rachel Weisz Evanora live-action
Amber Whelan utility stunts live-action
Michelle Williams Annie live-action
Michelle Williams Glinda live-action
Otis D. Winston utility stunts live-action
LaNika Wise Emerald City Citizen live-action
Mike Witous dancing Munchkin live-action
David Wogh puppeteer
Keith Woulard utility stunts live-action
Toni Wynne Strongman's Wife live-action
Cristophe Zajac-Denek dancing Munchkin live-action

Music by Danny Elfman
Orchestra Conducted by Pete Anthony

 Song Composer/ Lyricist Performers Notes
Almost Home Written by Simone Porter, Justin Gray, Lindsey Ray, Tor Erik Hermansen, Mikkel Eriksen, and Mariah Carey Performed by Mariah Carey Courtesy of Island Records
The Munchkin Welcome Song Music written by Danny Elfman, Lyrics written by David Lindsay-Abaire Performed by Danny Elfman
Oz's Magic Show Piano Written by David Reinstein Performed by David Reinstein
Shofar Written by Roberto Juan Rodriguez Performed by Roberto Juan Rodriguez Courtesy of Tzadik Records
Award Year Winner/ Nominee Category Recipient Notes
Taurus World Stunt Awards 2014 (13th) Nominee Best Stunt Rigging Michael Hansen, Will Harper, Shawn Kautz, David Schultz, Aaron R. Walters The Wicked Witch gets on her broom, takes off through a crowd while doing an 80’ arc, then flies an additional 100’ off the set, reaching a top speed of close to 20 mph, all in one shot. The three dimensional flying arbor used for the stunt allowed the subject to rotate 180 degrees while maintaining an additional axis that controls or "puppets" the broom all at tremendous speeds. The "puppet" line took the broom from standing in a vertical position to a horizontal one as the Witch mounts the broom. The rotating feature allowed the Witch to point in the direction she was flying so that she could perform the sweeping arc.


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