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From Up On Poppy Hill

Studio Ghibli, Nippon Television Network,
Dentsu, Hakuhodo DYMP,
Walt Disney Japan,
Mitsubishi, and Toho
From Up On Poppy Hill
Kokuriko-zaka kara
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Official Japanese Theatrical Release Date: July 17, 2011
Official North American English-Language Theatrical Release Date: March 15, 2013
 Chizuru Takahashi, Tetsuro Sayama, GNDHDDT [Studio Ghibli, Nippon Television Network, Dentsu, Hakuhodo DYMP, Walt Disney Japan, Mitsubishi (D-rights), Toho] © 2011, 2012
North American Distribution: GKids Distribution
Produced by: Studio Ghibli
Feature Animation by:
Studio Ghibli
MPAA Rating:
 Rated PG (Parental Guidance Suggested ~ Some Material May Not Be Suitable For Children) for Mild Thematic Elements, and Some Incidental Smoking Images
Length:  91 Minutes

Cast and Characters
  Cast Character/Performance Notes
Gillian Anderson Miki
Stephen Apostolina additional voice
Zander Ayeroff The Poppy Hill Choir
Alex Bachman The Poppy Hill Choir
Kirk Baily additional voice
Sarah Bolger Umi
Beau Bridges Mr. Tokumaru
Emily Bridges Mr. Tokumaru's assistant
Benjamin Byram The Poppy Hill Choir
Robert Clotworthy additional voice
David Cowgill additional voice
Jamie Lee Curtis Ryoko
Bruce Dern Onodera
Holly Dorff Long additional voice
Moosie Drier additional voice
Jeff Dunham Gen
Ronan Farrow additional voice
Eddie Frierson additional voice
Isabelle Fuhrman Sora
Elisa Gabrielli additional voice
Jackie Gonneau additional voice
DJ Harper The Poppy Hill Choir
Walt Harrah The Poppy Hill Choir
Christina Hendricks Saori
Bridget Hoffman additional voice
Richard Horvitz additional voice
Ron Howard Philosophy Club President
Luana Jackman The Poppy Hill Choir
Nathan Jae-Sun Large The Poppy Hill Choir
Emme Lehmann Boddicker The Poppy Hill Choir
Vili Lehmann Boddicker The Poppy Hill Choir
Hope Levy additional voice
Guy Maeda The Poppy Hill Choir
Meghan Marshall The Poppy Hill Choir
Zoe Merrill The Poppy Hill Choir
Edie Mirman additional voice
Nolan Muchow The Poppy Hill Choir
Derik Nelson The Poppy Hill Choir
Tye Nielsen additional voice
Chris Noth Akio
Michael O'Brien The Poppy Hill Choir
Raymond Ochoa Riku
Emily Osment Nobuko
Bobbi Page The Poppy Hill Choir
Aubrey Plaza Sachiko
The Poppy Hill Choir 'The Indigo Waves'
The Poppy Hill Choir 'Red River Valley'
The Poppy Hill Choir 'When The White Flower Blossomed'
Hunter Rogers additional voice
Kyu Sakamoto 'Ue wo Muite Aruko'
Charlie Saxton Mizunuma
Erica Sims The Poppy Hill Choir
Warren Sroka additional voice
Jake Steinfeld Fish Seller
John C. Storey additional voice
Aoi Teshima 'The Breakfast Song'
Aoi Teshima 'First Love'
Aoi Teshima 'Summer Of Farewells – From Up On Poppy Hill'
Byron Thames additional voice
Emily Vidmar The Poppy Hill Choir
Madeleine Elizabeth Whittle additional voice
Alex Wolff Riku
Anton Yelchin Shun
David Zyler additional voice

Music by Satoshi Takebe

 Song Composer/ Lyricist Performers Notes
The Breakfast Song Lyrics by Goro Miyazaki and Hiroko Taniyama, Music by Hiroko Taniyama Performed by Aoi Teshima
First Love Lyrics by Goro Miyazaki and Hiroko Taniyama, Music by Hiroko Taniyama Performed by Aoi Teshima
The Indigo Waves Lyrics by Hayao Miyazaki and Goro Miyazaki, Music by Hiroko Taniyama Performed by The Poppy Hill Choir
Red River Valley Performed by The Poppy Hill Choir
Summer of Farewells – From Up On Poppy Hill Lyrics by Yukiko Marimura, Music by Koichi Sakata Performed by Aoi Teshima
Ue wo Muite Aruko Lyrics by Rokusuke Ei, Music by Hachidai Nakamura Performed by Kyu Sakamoto EMI Music Japan
When The White Flower Blossomed Lyrics by Chisa Terao, Music by Shigeru Tamura Performed by The Poppy Hill Choir
The Poppy Hill Choir Zander Ayeroff, Alex Bachman, Benjamin Byram, DJ Harper, Walt Harrah, Luana Jackman, Nathan Jae-Sun Large, Emme Lehmann Boddicker, Vili Lehmann Boddicker, Guy Maeda, Meghan Marshall, Zoe Merrill, Nolan Muchow, Derik Nelson, Michael O'Brien, Bobbi Page, Erica Sims, Emily Vidmar
Award Year Winner/ Nominee Category Recipient Notes
Annie Awards 2012 (40th) Nominee Outstanding Individual Achievement in Writing in an Animated Feature Production Hayao Miyazaki, Keiko Niwa, Karey Kirkpatrick


  • Poetry Club Recital: ‘Seito Shokum Ni Yoseru (To My Students)‘ written by Kenji Miyazawa
  • Debate Club Recital: ‘Pericles’ Funeral Oration‘ from Thucydides’ History of the Peloponnesian War


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