Clerks [Extended Version with “The Lost Scene”]

Miramax Films
View Askew Productions
[extended version with “The Lost Scene”]

Original Theatrical General Release Date: October 19, 1994
10th Anniversary Extended Version Home Video Release Date
: September 7, 2004
View Askew Productions © 1994
“The Lost Scene” Copyright: Miramax Films © 2004
Distributed by: Miramax Films
Animated by: Powerhouse Animation Studios, Inc.
MPAA Rating:
 Rated R (Restricted ~ Under 17 Requires Accompanying Parent or Adult Guardian) for Extensive Use of Extremely Explicit Sex-Related Dialogue
10th Anniversary Extended Version Length: 100 Minutes

Cast and Characters
  Cast Character/Performance Notes
Joey Lauren Adams voice
Alice In Chains 'Got Me Wrong'
Jeff Anderson Randal
Bad Religion 'Leaders And Followers'
Joe Bagnole Cat-Shit-Watching Customer live-action
Matthew Banta Burner Looking for Weed live-action
Bash & Pop 'Making Me Sick'
Mike Belicose Customer with Diapers live-action
Lee Bendick #812 Wynarski live-action
Al Berkowitz Old Man live-action
Chuck Bickel Stuck in Chips Can live-action
Betsy Broussard Dental School Video Customer live-action
Thomas Burke Blue Collar Man live-action
Ken Clark Administer of Fine live-action
Ken Clark Orderly live-action
Mitch Cohen Angry Crowd at Door live-action
Mitch Cohen Leaning Against Wall live-action
Corrosion Of Conformity 'Big Problems'
Matt Crawford Angry Crowd at Door live-action
Melissa Crawford Angry Crowd at Door live-action
Melissa Crawford Video Confusion/Candy Confusion Customer live-action
Frances Cresci Little Smoking Girl live-action
Pattijean Csik Coroner live-action
Diane Devlin voice
Brian Drinkwater Hockey Player live-action
Paul Finn Angry Smoking Crowd live-action
Bob Fisler Hockey Player live-action
Walt Flanagan Cat-Admiring Bitter Customer live-action
Walt Flanagan Egg Man live-action
Walt Flanagan Offended Customer live-action
Walt Flanagan Woolen Cap Smoker live-action
Marilyn Ghigliotti Veronica live-action
Girls Against Boys 'Kill The Sex Player'
Golden Smog 'Shooting Star'
Haiku Dog live-action
Dan Hapstak Door Tugging Customer live-action
Ed Hapstak Angry Mourner live-action
Ed Hapstak Sanford live-action
Leslie Hope Angry Crowd at Door live-action
Leslie Hope Jay's Lady Friend live-action
Erix Infante Bed-Wetting Dad/Cold Coffee Lover live-action
Derek Jaccodine Hockey Player live-action
Donna Jeanne Indecisive Video Customer live-action
The Jesus Lizard 'Panic In Cicero'
David Klein Angry Crowd at Door live-action
David Klein Angry Mourner live-action
David Klein Hunting Cap Smoking Boy live-action
David Klein Low I.Q. Video Customer/Hubcap Searching Customer live-action
Zak Knutson voice
Jane Kuritz Customer with Vaseline and Rubber Gloves live-action
Lenin's Tomb Cat live-action
Kimberly Loughran Alyssa's sister Heather live-action
Love Among Freaks 'Berserker'
Love Among Freaks 'Clerks'
Jason Mewes Jay live-action
Scott Mosier Angry Hockey-Playing Customer live-action
Scott Mosier Angry Mourner live-action
Scott Mosier Willam the Idiot Manchild live-action
Connie O'Conner 'Happy Scrappy' Mom live-action
Ernest O'Donnell Trainer live-action
Brian O'Halloran Dante
Ashley Pereira 'Happy Scrappy' Kid live-action
Frank Pereira Angry Smoking Crowd live-action
Matthew Pereira Angry Smoking Crowd live-action
Vincent Pereira Engagement Savvy Customer live-action
Vincent Pereira Hockey Goalie live-action
Carl Roth Angry Smoking Crowd live-action
Scott Schiaffo Chewlies Rep live-action
Seaweed 'Go Your Own Way'
Grace Smith Milk Maid live-action
Kevin Smith Silent Bob live-action
Virginia Smith Caged Animal Maturbator live-action
Soul Asylum 'Can't Even Tell (Theme From 'Clerks')'
Lisa Spoonauer Caitlin live-action
Stabbing Westward 'Violent Mood Swings (Thread Mix)'
Gary Stern Tabloid Reading Customer live-action
Supernova 'Chewbacca'
Rajiv Thapar Cut-Off Customer live-action
Sarla Thapar Angry Crowd at Door live-action
John Henry Westhead Olaf the Russian Metalhead live-action

Lost Scene Music by James L. Venable

 Song Composer/ Lyricist Performers Notes
Berserker Written by S. Smyth, S. Angley, and K. Smith Performed by Love Among Freaks
Big Problems Written by R. Mullin and W. Weatherman Performed by Corrosion of Conformity Courtesy of Sony Music
Can't Even Tell (Theme From 'Clerks') Written by D. Pirner Performed by Soul Asylum Courtesy of Columbia Records
Chewbacca Written by Art, Hank, Dave Performed by Supernova
Clerks Written by S. Smyth and S. Angley Performed by Love Among Freaks
Go Your Own Way Written by Lindsey Buckingham Performed by Seaweed Courtesy of Sub Pop Records
Got Me Wrong Written by J. Cantrell Performed by Alice In Chains Courtesy of Columbia Records
Kill The Sex Player Written by Girls Against Boys Performed by Girls Against Boys Courtesy of Touch and Go Records
Leaders And Followers Written by G. Graffin Performed by Bad Religion Courtesy of Atlantic Recording Corp. and Sony Music, a group of Sony Music Entertainment, Inc.
Making Me Sick Written by T. Stinson, G. Gershunoff, R. Bradbury Performed by Bash & Pop Courtesy of Sire Records by arrangement with Warner Special Products
Panic In Cicero Written by The Jesus Lizard Performed by The Jesus Lizard Courtesy of Touch and Go Records
Shooting Star Written by Paul Rodgers Performed by Golden Smog Courtesy of Crackpot Records
Violent Mood Swings (Thread Mix) Written by W. Flakus, C. Hall, J, Sellers, D. Suycott, S. Zechman Performed by Stabbing Westward Courtesy of Columbia Records



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