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John Carter

John Carter

Official Theatrical General Release Date: March 9, 2012 
Disney Enterprises, Inc. © 2012
Distributed by: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
Visual Effects by: Double Negative, Cinesite
MPAA Rating:
Rated PG-13 (Parental Strongly Cautioned ~ Some Material May Be Inappropriate For Children) for Intense Sequences of Violence and Action
Length:  132 Minutes

Cast and Characters
  Cast Character/Performance Notes
Myriam Acharki Priestess live-action
Kyle Agnew Stable Boy live-action
Azam Ali featured vocalist
Arnie Alpert Council Member #1 live-action
Philip Arditti Spotter #2 live-action
Nina Armstrong stunts live-action
J.C. Augare Apache rider live-action
Helen Bailey stunts live-action
Jill Baker additional voice
Joe Billingiere Apache #1 live-action
Christopher Bleth ethnic woodwind (duduk)
Oliver Boot Bodyguard (Matai) live-action
Jeremy Booth Doctor live-action
Richard Bradshaw stunts live-action
Darren Brady Apache rider live-action
Tamiko Brownlee Dejah Thoris additional stunt double; live-action
Richard Bucher Powell riding double; live-action
Andy Butcher stunts live-action
Annabel Canaven stunts live-action
Chris Carlson Apache rider live-action
Sean Carrigan Cavalryman live-action
Akima Castaneda Apache Leader live-action
Phil Cheadle Thern in Cave live-action
Leo Will Christmas Cavalry Soldier live-action
Matthew L. Christmas John Carter riding double; live-action
Thomas Haden Church Tal Hajus
Stuart Clark stunts live-action
Amanda Clayton Sarah Carter live-action
Peggy Clements Council Member #3 live-action
Emma Clifford Lightman/Helm live-action
Doug Coleman stunts live-action
Eliza Coleman stunts live-action
Whitney Coleman Dejah Thoris additional stunt double; live-action
Lynn Collins Dejah Thoris live-action
Rob Cooper stunts live-action
Rose Corrigan principal bassoon
Bryan Cranston Powell live-action
Jonathan Crazybull Apache rider live-action
Steven Cree Humble Guard live-action
Jared Cyr Rowdy #2 live-action
Danielle Da Costa stunts live-action
Willem Dafoe Tars Tarkas
Josh Daugherty Rowdy #1 live-action
George Doering guitar
Levan Doran stunts live-action
Evelyn Dubuc Council Member #4 live-action
Brian Duffy Cavalry Soldier live-action
Thomas DuPont stunts live-action
Tracey Eddon stunts live-action
Danny Edmo Apache rider live-action
James Embree Thern #2 live-action
Rick English stunts live-action
Richard Epper stunts live-action
Peter Epstein stunts live-action
Pedro Eustache ethnic woodwind (duduk) featured musician
Si Evans Zodangan Guard live-action
Jon Favreau Thark Bookie
Mark Fichera John Carter primary stunt double; live-action
Colin Follenweider John Carter additional stunt double; live-action
Peter Ford stunts live-action
Kate Fowler Matron of Chamber (Matai) live-action
Rupert Frazer Thompson live-action
Vladimír Furdík stunts live-action
Richard Garrett stunts live-action
Mark Gasbarro keyboards
Davood Ghadami Stayman#3 live-action
Christopher Goodman Stockade Guard live-action
Daniel Greco principal percussion
Pat Hall Apache rider live-action
Aaron Hammer Apache rider live-action
Michael Hansen stunts live-action
Richard Hansen stunts live-action
Jessica Harbeck stunts live-action
Greg Harris stunts live-action
Adam Hart stunts live-action
Clayton Haslop concert master
Anthony Grey Wolf Herrera Apache rider live-action
Ciaran Hinds Tardos Mors live-action
Bobby Holland Hanton stunts live-action
Jason Hunjan stunts live-action
Alexander Iles principal trombone
Figs Jackman Man in the Bowler live-action
Terry Jackson stunts live-action
Roman Jankovic stunts live-action
Shawn Allen Jenkins Apache rider live-action
Vincent Keane stunts live-action
Paul Kennington stunts live-action
Edmund Kente Telegraph Clerk live-action
Jess King Cavalry Soldier live-action
Taylor Kitsch John Carter live-action
Cristian Knight stunts live-action
Mark LeVang keyboards
Gayle Levant harp featured musician
Tony Lucken stunts live-action
Dutch Lunak Apache rider live-action
Diana Lupo stunts live-action
Michael Erik Majesky stunts live-action
Art Malik Zodangan General live-action
Darrin McCann principal viola
Connie Jhil McEntyre Council Member #5 live-action
Kim McGarrity stunts live-action
Malcolm McNab principal trumpet
Andy Merchant stunts live-action
Peter Miles stunts live-action
Sian Katerina Milne stunts live-action
Gary Milner Zodangan Guard live-action
Aldred Wesley Montoya Apache #2 live-action
Samantha Morton Sola
Mark Mottram John Carter primary stunt double; live-action
Rory Mulroe stunts live-action
David Newton stunts live-action
Ray Nicholas stunts live-action
Brian Nickels stunts live-action
Pippa Nixon Lightmaster live-action
Brian O'Connor principal French horn
Michael O'Donovan principal bassoon
Daniel O'Meara Vas Kor live-action
Eileen Page Elderly Woman (Matai) live-action
Tarah Paige stunts live-action
Tyler Peasley Apache rider live-action
Bean Peel stunts live-action
Jan Petrina stunts live-action
Philip Philmar Thern #1 live-action
Andy Pilgrim John Carter additional stunt double; live-action
Chris Pollard stunts live-action
Dominic Preece stunts live-action
James Purefoy Kantos Kan live-action
Ian Ray Council Member #2 live-action
Mark Rayner stunts live-action
Arkie Reece Stayman #1/Helm live-action
Steven Richards principal cello
Tom Rodgers stunts live-action
Tracey Ruggiero Dejah Thoris additional stunt double; live-action
Daryl Sabara Edgar Rice Burroughs live-action
Rebecca Sarker Stayman#1/Navigator live-action
David Schultz stunts live-action
David Schwimmer Young Thark Warrior
Marcus Shakesheff stunts live-action
Diz Sharpe Kantos Kan stunt double; credited as 'Kantos Khan'; live-action
Darwin Shaw Zodangan Officer (Matai) live-action
Bobby Shulgold principal flute
Brian Simpson stunts live-action
Russell Solberg Cavalry Soldier live-action
Dusty Sorg Twitchy Corporal live-action
Don Stark Dix the Storekeeper live-action
David Stone principal bass
John Street stunts live-action
Mark Strong Matai Shang live-action
Rocky Taylor stunts live-action
Cody Thornbury Twitchy Corporal stunt double; live-action
Emily Tierney Pretty Woman in NYC Doorway live-action
Richard Todd principal French horn
Arran Topham stunts live-action
Frank Torres stunts live-action
Garry Tubbs Orkney Dig Worker live-action
Michael Vaccaro principal clarinet
John Van Houten principal tuba
Tony Van Silva stunts live-action
Polly Walker Sarkoja
Calvin Warrington-Heasman stunts live-action
Marlow Warrington-Mattei Sab Than stunt double; live-action
Reg Wayment stunts live-action
Dominic West Sab Than live-action
Holly Weston Carter's Wife (Corpse) live-action
Peter White stunts live-action
Maxine Whittaker Dejah Thoris primary stunt double; live-action
Donna C. Williams stunts live-action
Leonard Woodcock stunts live-action
Nicholas Woodeson Dalton live-action
John Yoakum principal oboe
Steen Young stunts live-action

Music by Michael Giacchino
Orchestra conducted by Tim Simonec


Award Year Winner/ Nominee Category Recipient Notes
Annie Awards 2012 (40th) Nominee Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animated Effects in a Live Action Production Sue Rowe, Simon Stanley-Clamp, Artemis Oikonomopoulou, Holger Voss, Nikki Makar, Catherine Elvidge Cinesite


  • Trademarks ‘John Carter’, ‘John Carter Of Mars’, JCM Design, ‘Barsoom’, and ‘Princess Of Mars’ owned by Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. and used by Permission.


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