Winnie The Pooh: Seasons Of Giving



Release Date: November 8, 1999

Copyright: Disney Enterprises, Inc. © 1999

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Length: 70 Minutes


Contains the following episodes of The New Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh:

            Groundpiglet Day (Original TV Air Date: March 4, 1989)

            Find Her, Keep Her (Original TV Air Date: October 1, 1988)

Contains the made-for-TV special, A Winnie The Pooh Thanksgiving (Original TV Air Date: November 26, 1998).



Cast Characters Songs



            Gregg Berger ~ Eeyore

            Brady Bluhm ~ Christopher Robin (speaking)

            Marco Cassone ~ Song Vocals

            Peter Cullen ~ Eeyore

            Jim Cummings ~ Tigger; Winnie The Pooh

            Trist Ethan Curless ~ Song Vocals

            Scott Dreier

            John Fiedler ~ Piglet (speaking)

            Frankie J. Galasso ~ Christopher Robin (singing)

            Michael Gough ~ Gopher

            Amber Hood ~ Kessie

            Nikita Hopkins ~ Roo

            Tim Hoskins ~ Christopher Robin (speaking)

            m.pact ~ Song Vocals

            Tress MacNeille ~ Kanga

            Laurie Main ~ Narrator

            Virginia McMath ~ Back-Up Vocals

            Laura Mooney ~ Kessie

            Britt Quentin ~ Song Vocals

            Ken Sansom ~ Rabbit

            Steven Schatzberg ~ Piglet

            Christine Schillinger ~ Back-Up Vocals

            Laurie Schillinger ~ Back-Up Vocals

            Marc Schillinger ~ Back-Up Vocals

            Mathew Selby ~ Song Vocals

            André Stojka ~ Owl

            Greg Whipple ~ Song Vocals

            Paul Winchell ~ Tigger




            Christopher Robin ~ Brady Bluhm (speaking); Frankie J. Galasso (singing); Tim Hoskins (speaking)

            Eeyore ~ Gregg Berger; Peter Cullen

            Gopher ~ Michael Gough

            Kanga ~ Tress MacNeille

            Kessie ~ Amber Hood; Laura Mooney

            Narrator ~ Laurie Main

            Owl ~ André Stojka

            Piglet ~ John Fiedler; Steven Schatzberg

            Rabbit ~ Ken Sansom

            Roo ~ Nikita Hopkins

            Tigger ~ Jim Cummings; Paul Winchell

            Winnie The Pooh ~ Jim Cummings




“Berrily We Roll Along”

            Jim Cummings as Tigger

“Hooray, Hooray”

            Jim Cummings as Winnie The Pooh

“Our Thanksgiving Day”

            Jim Cummings as Tigger

            Jim Cummings as Winnie The Pooh

            Frankie J. Galasso as Christopher Robin

            Ken Sansom as Rabbit

            Steven Schatzberg as Piglet

            André Stojka as Owl

“The Turkey Song”

            Jim Cummings as Winnie The Pooh

            Steven Schatzberg as Piglet

Song Vocals


            Marco Cassone

            Trist Ethan Curless

            Britt Quentin

            Mathew Selby

            Greg Whipple

Back-Up Vocals

            Virginia McMath

            Christine Schillinger

            Laurie Schillinger

            Marc Schillinger



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