North American Theatrical Release Date: August 19, 2005

United Kingdom Theatrical Release Date: March 25, 2005

Copyright: Vanguard Animation UK Limited & the UK Film Council (c) 2005

North American Distribution by Buena Vista Pictures Distribution (Walt Disney Pictures)

MPAA Rating: G (General Audiences ~ All Ages Admitted)

North American Release Length: 76 Minutes


Cast Characters Songs Awards




            Curtis Augspurger ~ Pigeon Guard

            Annette Badland ~ Elsa

            Jim Broadbent ~ Sergeant

            The Central Band Of The Royal Air Force ~ Orchestra

            Gary Chapman ~ Pigeon Officer

            John Cleese ~ Mercury

            Buckley Collum ~ Rollo

            Tim Curry ~ General Von Talon

            Chris Dean And The Syd Lawrence Orchestra ~ Orchestra

            Ali Dowling ~ Additional Voice

            Chris Fairbanks ~ Additional Voice

            Rupert Farley ~ Additional Voice

            Heidi Fecht ~ Saucy Pigeon

            Dan Flynn ~ Additional Voice

            Ricky Gervais ~ Bugsy

            Mike Harbour ~ Little Thug

            Sharon Horgan ~ Charles De Girl

            John Hurt ~ Felix

            Mike Jenn ~ Messenger Pigeon

            Harriet Jones ~ Barmaid

            Hugh Laurie ~ Gutsy

            Robert Lence ~ 'Tweet' Pigeon

            Brian Lonsdale ~ Toughwood

            Rik Mayall ~ Cufflingk

            Corin Mellinger ~ Wing Pigeon

            Ewan McGregor ~ Valiant

            Kris Milne ~ Additional Voice

            Mis-Teeq ~ "Shoo Shoo Baby"

            Stephen Pacey ~ Additional Voice

            Harry Peacock ~ Recruiting Officer

            Edith Piaf ~ "Non Je Ne Regrette Rien"

            Dan Roberts ~ Tailfeather

            James Dale Robinson ~ Additional Voice

            Jonathan Ross ~ Big Thug

            The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra ~ Orchestra

            Sean Samuels ~ Jacques

            Michael Schlingmann ~ Underlingk

            Emma Tate ~ Additional Voice

            Pip Torrens ~ Lofty Thadius Worthington Pigeon III

            Olivia Williams ~ Victoria




            Barmaid ~ Harriet Jones

            Big Thug ~ Jonathan Ross

            Bugsy ~ Ricky Gervais

            Charles De Girl ~ Sharon Horgan

            Cufflingk ~ Rik Mayall

            Elsa ~ Annette Badland

            Felix ~ John Hurt

            General Von Talon ~ Tim Curry

            Gutsy ~ Hugh Laurie

            Jacques ~ Sean Samuels

            Little Thug ~ Mike Harbour

            Lofty Thadius Worthington Pigeon III ~ Pip Torrens

            Mercury ~ John Cleese

            Messenger Pigeon ~ Mike Jenn

            Pigeon Guard ~ Curtis Augspurger

            Pigeon Officer ~ Gary Chapman

            Recruiting Officer ~ Harry Peacock

            Rollo ~ Buckley Collum

            Saucy Pigeon ~ Heidi Fecht

            Sergeant ~ Jim Broadbent

            Tailfeather ~ Dan Roberts

            Toughwood ~ Brian Lonsdale

            'Tweet' Pigeon ~ Robert Lence

            Underlingk ~ Michael Schlingmann

            Valiant ~ Ewan McGregor

            Victoria ~ Olivia Williams

            Wing Pigeon ~ Corin Mellinger




"Busy Life"

"Da Jodel-Rudel"

"Horse & Hound"

"Non Je Ne Regrette Rien"

            Edith Piaf

"Pathe News Fanfare"

"Presenting Sport"

"Shoo Shoo Baby"


"(There'll Be Bluebirds Over) The White Cliff Of Dover)"

            Ricky Gervais as Bugsy


            The Central Band Of The Royal Air Force

            Chris Dean And The Syd Lawrence Orchestra

            The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra







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