Tinker Bell



Direct-To-Video Release Date: October 28, 2008

Copyright: Disney Enterprises, Inc. © 2008

MPAA Rating: G (General Audiences ~ All Ages Admitted)

Length: 78 Minutes


Cast Characters Songs Awards




            Pamela Adlon ~ Vidia

            Jeff Bennett ~ Clank

            Bob Bergen ~ fireflies

            Gail Borges ~ Minister of Winter

            Ranjani Brow ~ Loop Group

            Adam Busch ~ Loop Group

            Kristin Chenoweth ~ Rosetta

            Kat Cressida ~ Mrs. Maradeth “Mary” Darling

            America Ferrera ~ Fawn

            Selena Gomez ~ “Fly To Your Heart”

            Kathy Gutierrez ~ Loop Group

            Bridget Hoffman ~ Loop Group

            Wendy Hoffman ~ Loop Group

            Jane Horrocks ~ Fairy Mary

            Anjelica Huston ~ Queen Clarion

            Nicolette Little ~ Loop Group

            Lucy Liu ~ Silvermist

            Jesse McCartney ~ Terence

            Loreena McKennitt ~ Narrator; Featured Vocalist

            Joel McNeely ~ Ethnic Woodwinds

            Scott Menville ~ Loop Group

            Kathy Najimy ~ Minister of Summer

            Máiréad Nesbitt ~ Celtic Violin

            Rob Paulsen ~ Bobble

            Richard Portnow ~ Minister of Autumn

            Raven-Symoné ~ Iridessa

            Jill Smith ~ Loop Group

            Kelly Stables ~ Loop Group

            Shane Sweet ~ Loop Group

            Steve Valentine ~ Minister of Spring

            Mae Whitman ~ Tinker Bell

            America Young ~ Wendy Darling




            Bobble ~ Rob Paulsen

            Clank ~ Jeff Bennett

            Fairy Mary ~ Jane Horrocks

            Fawn ~ America Ferrera

            Fireflies ~ Bob Bergen

            Iridessa ~ Raven-Symoné

            Minister of Autumn ~ Richard Portnow

            Minister of Spring ~ Steve Valentine

            Minister of Summer ~ Kathy Najimy

            Minister of Winter ~ Gail Borges

            Mrs. Maradeth “Mary” Darling ~ Kat Cressida

            Narrator ~ Loreena McKennitt

            Queen Clarion ~ Anjelica Huston

            Rosetta ~ Kristin Chenoweth

            Silvermist ~ Lucy Liu

            Terence ~ Jesse McCartney

            Tinker Bell ~ Mae Whitman

            Vidia ~ Pamela Adlon

            Wendy Darling ~ America Young




“Fly To Your Heart”

            Selena Gomez

“To The Fairies They Draw Near”

            Loreena McKennitt as Narrator

“You Can Fly! You Can Fly! You Can Fly”

Featured Vocalist

            Loreena McKennitt

Celtic Violin

            Máiréad Nesbitt

Ethnic Woodwinds

            Joel McNeely








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