The Lion King 1½



Direct To Video Release Date: February 10, 2004

Copyright: Disney Enterprises, Inc. © 2004

MPAA Rating: G (General Audiences ~ All Ages Admitted)

Length: 77 Minutes


Cast Characters Songs Awards




            Tony Anselmo ~ Additional Voice

            Jeff Bennett ~ Additional Voice

            Susan Boyd ~ Vocalist (Los Angeles)

            Matthew Broderick ~ Simba (Adult)

            Sally Ann Brooks ~ Additional Voice (Loop Group)

            Corey Burton ~ Additional Voice

            Debra Byrd ~ Vocalist (Los Angeles)

            Carmen Carter ~ Vocalist (Los Angeles)

            Cam Clarke ~ Additional Voice

            Cooper Cowgill ~ Additional Voice (Loop Group)

            David Cowgill ~ Additional Voice (Loop Group)

            Rachel Crane ~ Additional Voice (Loop Group)

            Randy Crenshaw ~ Vocalist (Los Angeles)

            Jim Cummings ~ Ed

            Lungi Dlamini ~ Vocalist (South Africa)

            Nomfundo Dlamini ~ Vocalist (South Africa)

            Kevin Dorsey ~ Vocalist (Los Angeles)

            Moosie Drier ~ Additional Voice (Loop Group)

            Kristle Edwards ~ “Can You Feel The Love Tonight”; Vocalist (Los Angeles) (as Kristle Murden)

            Bill Farmer ~ Additional Voice

            Shaun Fleming ~ Additional Voice

            Carolyn Gardner ~ Additional Voice

            Linda Gcwensa ~ Vocalist (South Africa) (as Linda Gcwenca)

            Whoopi Goldberg ~ Shenzi

            Jackie Gonneau ~ Additional Voice (Loop Group)

            Robert Guillaume ~ Rafiki

            Karen Harper ~ Vocalist (Los Angeles)

            Edward Hibbert ~ Zazu

            David Hiller ~ Additional Voice (Loop Group)

            Wendy Hoffman ~ Additional Voice (Loop Group)

            Dorian Holley ~ Vocalist (Los Angeles)

            Bob Joles ~ Additional Voice

            Julie Kavner ~ Mom

            Moira Kelly ~ Nala

            Jabulani Khoza ~ Vocalist (South Africa)

            Oliver King ~ Simba (Young; Singing)

            Kool And The Gang ~ “Jungle Boogie”

            Nathan Lane ~ Timon

            Rick Logan ~ Vocalist (Los Angeles)

            Lebo M ~ “Digga Tunnah Dance”; “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”; “Nants' Ingonyama”

            Tress MacNeille ~ Additional Voice

            Maduvha “Adu” Madima ~ Vocalist (South Africa)

            Alex Manugian ~ Additional Voice

            Khanyo Maphumulo ~ Vocalist (South Africa)

            Cheech Marin ~ Banzai

            Bongani Masuku ~ Vocalist (South Africa)

            Sipho Mbele ~ Vocalist (South Africa)

            Arnold McCuller ~ Vocalist (Los Angeles)

            Metro Voices ~ Vocalists (London)

            Margaret Motsage ~ Vocalist (South Africa)

            Londiwe “Debra” Mthembu ~ Vocalist (South Africa)

            Mark Robert Myers ~ Additional Voice (Loop Group)

            Bongani Ngcobo ~ Vocalist (South Africa)

            Harvey Nkabinde ~ Vocalist (South Africa)

            Sipho Nxumalo ~ Vocalist (South Africa)

            Bobbi Page ~ Vocalist (Los Angeles)

            J. Lamont Pope ~ Additional Voice (Loop Group)

            Raven ~ “Grazing In The Grass”

            Kane Ritchotte ~ Additional Voice (Loop Group)

            Del Roy ~ Additional Voice

            Jason Rudofsky ~ Flinchy

            Ernie Sabella ~ Pumbaa

            Christopher Michael Sanders ~ Additional Voice

            Clay Savage ~ Additional Voice (Loop Group)

            Kevin Schon ~ Additional Voice

            Andre Sogliuzzo ~ Additional Voice (Loop Group)

            Aaron Spann ~ Additional Voice (Loop Group)

            Khululiwe S'thole ~ Vocalist (South Africa) (as Khululiwe Sithole)

            Jerry Stiller ~ Uncle Max

            Gina Taylor-Pickens ~ Vocalist (Los Angeles)

            Carmen Twillie ~ Vocalist (Los Angeles); “Circle Of Life”

            Vinx ~ “Digga Tunnah Dance”

            Blayne Weaver ~ Additional Voice

            Matt Weinberg ~ Simba (Young; Speaking) 

            Fred White ~ Vocalist (Los Angeles)

            Tony Wilkins ~ Vocalist (Los Angeles)

            Andrea Wolfson ~ Additional Voice

            Ayanda Zulu ~ Vocalist (South Africa)



            Banzai ~ Cheech Marin

            Ed ~ Jim Cummings

            Flinchy ~ Jason Rudofsky

            Mom ~ Julie Kavner

            Nala ~ Moira Kelly

            Pumbaa ~ Ernie Sabella

            Rafiki ~ Robert Guillaume

            Shenzi ~ Whoopi Goldberg

            Simba ~ Matthew Broderick (Adult); Oliver King (Young Singing); Matt Weinberg (Young Speaking)

            Timon ~ Nathan Lane

            Uncle Max ~ Jerry Stiller

            Zazu ~ Edward Hibbert




“Be Prepared”

“Can You Feel The Love Tonight”

            Kristle Murden (AKA Kristle Edwards)

“Circle Of Life”

            Carmen Twillie

“Digga Tunnah” (including “Simon Pute”)

“Digga Tunnah (Reprise)”

“Digga Tunnah Dance”

            Lebo M


“Father's Footsteps”

“The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”

“Grazing In The Grass”


“Hakuna Matata”

            Nathan Lane as Timon

            Ernie Sabella as Pumbaa

“Hawaiian War Chant”

            Nathan Lane as Timon

“Homeward Bound”

“I Just Can't Wait To Be King”

            Oliver King as Simba

“It's A Small World”

            Nathan Lane as Timon

“Jungle Boogie”

            Kool and the Gang

“The Lion Sleeps Tonight”

            Lebo M

“Nants' Ingonyama

            Nathan Lane as Timon

            Lebo M

“Peter Gunn Theme”

Sabre Dance”

Simba And Nala Move In / End”

“Sunrise Sunset”

            Nathan Lane as Timon

            Ernie Sabella as Pumbaa

“That's All I Need”

            Nathan Lane as Timon


            Susan Boyd (Los Angeles)

            Debra Byrd (Los Angeles)

            Carmen Carter (Los Angeles)

            Randy Crenshaw (Los Angeles)

            Lungi Dlamini (South Africa)

            Nomfundo Dlamini (South Africa)

            Kevin Dorsey (Los Angeles)

            Linda Gcwenca (South Africa)

            Karen Harper (Los Angeles)

            Dorian Holley (Los Angeles)

            Jabulani Khoza (South Africa)

            Rick Logan (Los Angeles)

            Maduvha “Adu” Madima (South Africa)

            Khanyo Maphumulo (South Africa)

            Bongani Masuku (South Africa)

            Sipho Mbele (South Africa)

            Arnold McCuller (Los Angeles)

            Metro Voices (London)

            Margaret Motsage (South Africa)

            Londiwe “Debra” Mthembu (South Africa)

            Kristle Murden (AKA Kristle Edwards) (Los Angeles)

            Bongani Ngcobo (South Africa)

            Harvey Nkabinde (South Africa)

            Sipho Nxumalo (South Africa)

            Bobbi Page (Los Angeles)

            Khuluiwe Sithole (AKA Khululiwe S'thole) (South Africa)

            Gina Taylor-Pickens (Los Angeles)

            Carmen Twillie (Los Angeles)

            Fred White (Los Angeles)

            Tony Wilkins (Los Angeles)

            Ayanda Zulu (South Africa)







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