Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland



Theatrical Premiere Date: February 25, 2010

Official Theatrical Release Date: March 5, 2010       

Copyright: Disney Enterprises, Inc. © 2010

MPAA Rating: PG (Parental Guidance Suggested ~ Some Material May Not Be Suitable For Children) for fantasy action/violence involving scary images and situations, and for a smoking caterpillar.

Length: 108 Minutes



Cast Characters Songs Awards



            Richard Alonzo ~ Man With Big Forehead

            Randall Archer ~ Red Queen stunt male townsperson

            Scott Armstrong ~ utility stunts

            John Bass ~ Party Musician

            Aimee Bell ~ female stunt hightopper

            David “Elsewhere” Bernal ~ Mad Hatter (Futterwacken Dance Double)

            Leo Bill ~ Hamish

            Helena Bonham Carter ~ Red Queen

            Troy Brown ~ action boy hightopper

            Stacy Carino ~ female stunt hightopper

            Jim Carter ~ Executioner

            Mairi Ella Challen ~ Alice (6 year old)

            Alex Chansky ~ Red Queen stunt male townsperson

            Ilram Choi ~ utility stunts

            Ethan Cohn ~ Man With Large Chin

            Rebecca Crookshank ~ Strange Woman Kisser

            Marton Csokas ~ Charles Kingsleigh

            Wayne Dalglish ~ Red Queen stunt male townsperson

            Leigh Daniels ~ Party Dancer

            Lucy Davenport ~ Woman With Big Ears

            Frances de la Tour ~ Aunt Imogene

            Matt Dempsey ~ Party Dancer

            Johnny Depp ~ Mad Hatter

            Bruce Dukov ~ concertmaster

            Lindsay Duncan ~ Helen Kingsleigh

            Richard Epper ~ utility stunts

            Stephen Fry ~ Cheshire Cat

            Eleanor Gecks ~ Faith Chattaway

            Stephen Giles ~ Party Musician

            Crispin Glover ~ Stayne

            Michael Gough ~ Dodo Bird

            Chris Grabher ~ Hightopp Hat Juggler

            Phillip Granell ~ Party Musician

            Ryan Gray ~ male stunt hightopper

            Chris Grierson ~ Party Dancer

            Michael Hansen ~ utility stunts

            Adam Hart ~ Stayne (stunt double)

            Anne Hathaway ~ White Queen

            Holly Hawkins ~ Woman With Large Nose

            John Hopkins ~ Lowell

            Geraldine James ~ Lady Ascot

            J. E. Johnson ~ utility stunts

            Jack Kalvan ~ Fire Juggler

            Vladamir Kubr ~ action boy hightopper

            Theo Kypri ~ Mad Hatter (stunt double)

            David Lale ~ Party Musician

            Jasi Cotton Lanier ~ Red Queen stunt female townsperson

            Martimiano Nito Larioza ~ Tweedledum (stunt double)

            Avril Lavigne ~ “Alice

            Christopher Lee ~ Jabberwocky

            Nicholas Levy ~ Party Musician

            Matt Lucas ~ Tweedledee; Tweedledum

            Peter Mattinson ~ Colleague #2

            Dale Mercer ~ Party Dancer

            Hilary Morris ~ Maypole Dancer

            Jessica Oyelowo ~ Woman With Large Poitrine

            Tarah Paige ~ Alice (stunt double)

            Bonnie Parker ~ Party Dancer

            Tania Pearson-Loeser ~ Red Queen stunt female townsperson

            Heather Philips ~ Alice (stunt double – UK unit)

            Tim Pigott-Smith ~ Lord Ascot

            Jemma Powell ~ Margaret Kingsleigh

            Ernie Reyes, Jr. ~ Tweedledee (stunt double)

            Alan Rickman ~ Blue Caterpillar

            Patrick Roberts ~ Party Musician

            Caroline Royce ~ Party Dancer

            Simone Sault ~ Party Dancer

            Dave Schultz ~ utility stunts

            Paul Scott ~ male stunt hightopper

            Michael Sheen ~ White Rabbit

            Timothy Spall ~ Bayard

            Imelda Staunton ~ Tall Flower Faces

            John Surman ~ Colleague #1

            Joel Swetow ~ Man With Large Belly

            Harry Taylor ~ Ship Captain

            Eleanor Tomlinson ~ Fiona Chattaway

            Frank Torres ~ utility stunts

            Jacqueline Tribble ~ White Queen Loyalist

            Steve Upton ~ utility stunts

            Carl Walker ~ Party Dancer

            Aaron Walters ~ utility stunts

            Kyla Warren ~ action girl hightopper

            Mia Wasikowska ~ Alice

            Frank Welker ~ additional vocal effects

            Paul Whitehorse ~ March Hare

            Barbara Windsor ~ Dormouse

            Alicia Vela-Bailey ~ Red Queen stunt female townsperson








            Avril Lavigne 







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