Recess: School’s Out



Premiere Release Date: February 10, 2001

Official Release Date: February 16, 2001

Copyright: Disney Enterprises, Inc. © 2000

MPAA Rating: G (General Audiences ~ All Ages Admitted)

Length: 82 Minutes



Cast Characters Songs



            Diedrich Bader ~ Guard #2

            Allyce Beasley ~ Miss Alordayne Grotke

            Ashley Michael Bell ~ Additional Voice

            Gregg Berger ~ Tech #1

            George Black ~ “Dancing In The Street (End Title)” Guitar

            Klee Bragger ~ Digger Sam

            Clancy Brown ~ Bald Guy

            John Bruno ~ Additional Voice

            Steve Bulen ~ Additional Voice [as Steve Buellin]

            Dan Castellaneta ~ Guard #1

            Toran Caudell ~ King Bob

            Dabney Coleman ~ Principal Peter Prickly

            Rickey D’Shon Collins ~ Vince LaSalle

            Rachel Crane ~ Ashley Quinlan

            Randy Crenshaw ~ Theodore J. “T. J.” Detweiler (singing – “Green Tambourine”)

            E. G. Daily ~ Cap'n Sticky

            Jason Davis ~ Mikey Blumberg (speaking)

            Ben Diskin  ~ Additional Voice

            Erin Donavan ~ Additional Voice

            Murphy Dunne ~ Additional Voice

            Ashley Edner ~ Additional Voice

            R. Lee Ermey ~ Colonel O'Malley

            Blake Ewing ~ Gustav Patton “Gus” Griswald (singing – “Green Tambourine”)

            The 5th Dimension ~ “Let The Sunshine In”

            Jennifer Gee ~ Additional Voice

            Ron Glass ~ Dr. Lazenby; Tech #2

            Jackie Gonneau ~ Additional Voice

            Robert Goulet ~ Mikey Blumberg (singing)

            Gary Grant ~ “Dancing In The Street (End Title)” Horn

            Melissa Joan Hart ~ Rebecca “Becky” Detweiler

            Jerry Hey ~ “Dancing In The Street (End Title)” Horn

            Wendy Hoffman ~ Additional Voice

            The Human Beinz ~ “Nobody But Me”

            Charity James ~ Additional Voice

            Richard Jannone ~ Additional Voice

            Tony Jay ~ Dr. Rosenthal

            Ashley Johnson ~ Gretchen P. Grundler

            Jack Johnson ~ Additional Voice

            Danielle Judovits ~ Additional Voice

            Charles Kimbrough ~ Mort Chalk

            Clyde Kusatsu ~ Mr. Yamashiro

            Andy Lawrence ~ Theodore J. “T. J.” Detweiler

            Tress MacNeille ~ Dr. Steinheimer; Lunch Lady Irma; Opera Director

            Peter MacNicol ~ Fenwick

            Martha & The Vandellas ~ “Dancing In The Street”

            Andrea Martin ~ Lunch Lady Harriet

            Anndi McAfee ~ Ashley Armbruster; Gretchen P. Grundler (singing – “Green Tambourine”)

            Courtland Mead ~ Gustav Patton “Gus” Griswald

            Erica Mer ~ Additional Voice

            Miari ~ “Dancing In The Street (End Title)” Background Vocals

            Mark Robert Myers ~ Technician

            Myra ~ “Dancing In The Street (End Title)” Lead Vocal; “Dancing In The Street (End Title)” Background Vocals

            Ryan O'Donohue ~ Digger Dave; Randall J. Weems

            Joel Peskin ~ “Dancing In The Street (End Title)” Horn

            Phil Proctor ~ Golfer #2; Scientist #2

            Sarah Rayne ~ Additional Voice

            Patrick Renna ~ Jordan

            Kevin Michael Richardson ~ Cop #2

            Jack Riley ~ Golfer #1

            Pamela Segall Adlon ~ Ashley Spinelli

            Justin Shenkarow ~ Soldier Kid; Wrestler Kid

            Michael Shulman ~ Francis/“Hustler Kid”

            Francesca Marie Smith ~ Ashley Boulet; Swinger Girl; Upsidedown Girl

            Kath Soucie ~ Counselor

            Aaron Spann ~ Additional Voice

            Robert Stack ~ Superintendent

            Steppenwolf ~ “Born To Be Wild”

            Doug Stone ~ Additional Voice

            W. K. Stratton ~ Additional Voice

            Strawberry Alarm Clock ~ “Incense And Peppermints”

            Glen-Bob Sweet ~ Additional Voice

            Shane Sweet ~ Additional Voice

            Ken Swofford ~ Coach

            Three Dog Night ~ “One”

            Nick Turturro ~ Cop #1

            Erik von Detten ~ Captain Brad; Erwin Lawson

            Paul Willson ~ Coach Kluge; Mr. Detweiler

            April Winchell ~ Miss Muriel P. Finster; Mrs. Detweiler

            James Woods ~ Dr. Philliam Benedict

            Reggie Young ~ “Dancing In The Street (End Title)” Horn




            Ashley Armbruster ~ Anndi McAfee

            Ashley Boulet ~ Francesca Marie Smith

            Ashley Quinlan ~ Rachel Crane

            Ashley Spinelli ~ Pamela Segall Adlon

            Ashley Tomassian                            

            Bald Guy ~ Clancy Brown

            Cap'n Sticky ~ E. G. Daily

            Captain Brad ~ Erik von Detten

            Coach ~ Ken Swofford

            Coach Kluge ~ Paul Willson

            Colonel O'Malley ~ R. Lee Ermey

            Cop #1 ~ Nick Turturro

            Cop #2 ~ Kevin Michael Richardson

            Counselor ~ Kath Soucie

            Digger Dave ~ Ryan O'Donohue

            Digger Sam ~ Klee Bragger

            Dr. Lazenby ~ Ron Glass

            Dr. Philliam Benedict ~ James Woods

            Dr. Rosenthal ~ Tony Jay

            Dr. Steinheimer ~ Tress MacNeille

            Erwin Lawson ~ Erik von Detten

            Fenwick ~ Peter MacNicol

            Francis/“Hustler Kid” ~ Michael Shulman

            Golfer #1 ~ Jack Riley

            Golfer #2 ~ Phil Proctor

            Gretchen P. Grundler ~ Ashley Johnson; Anndi McAfee (singing – “Green Tambourine”)

            Guard #1 ~ Dan Castellaneta

            Guard #2 ~ Diedrich Bader

            Gustav Patton “Gus” Griswald ~ Blake Ewing (singing – “Green Tambourine”); Courtland Mead

            Jordan ~ Patrick Renna

            King Bob ~ Toran Caudell

            Lunch Lady Harriet ~ Andrea Martin

            Lunch Lady Irma ~ Tress MacNeille

            Mikey Blumberg ~ Jason Davis (speaking); Robert Goulet (singing)

            Miss Alordayne Grotke ~ Allyce Beasley

            Miss Muriel P. Finster ~ April Winchell

            Mort Chalk ~ Charles Kimbrough

            Mr. Detweiler ~ Paul Willson

            Mr. Yamashiro ~ Clyde Kusatsu

            Mrs. Detweiler ~ April Winchell

            Opera Director ~ Tress MacNeille

            Principal Peter Prickly ~ Dabney Coleman

            Randall J. Weems ~ Ryan O'Donohue

            Rebecca “Becky” Detweiler ~ Melissa Joan Hart

            Scientist #2 ~ Phil Proctor

            Soldier Kid ~ Justin Shenkarow

            Superintendent ~ Robert Stack

            Swinger Girl ~ Francesca Marie Smith

            Tech #1 ~ Gregg Berger

            Tech #2 ~ Ron Glass

            Technician ~ Mark Robert Myers

            Theodore J. “T. J.” Detweiler ~ Randy Crenshaw (singing – “Green Tambourine”); Andy Lawrence

            Upsidedown Girl ~ Francesca Marie Smith

            Vince LaSalle ~ Rickey D’Shon Collins

            Wrestler Kid ~ Justin Shenkarow




“Born To Be Wild”


“Dancing In The Street”

            Martha & The Vandellas

“Dancing In The Street (End Title)”

            George Black on Guitar

            Gary Grant on Horn

            Jerry Hey on Horn

            Miari ~ Background Vocals

            Myra ~ Lead Vocals; Background Vocals

            Joel Peskin on Horn

            Reggie Young on Horn

“Green Tambourine”

            Rickey D’Shon Collins as Vince LaSalle

            Randy Crenshaw as Theodore J. “T. J.” Detweiler

            Blake Ewing as Gustav Patton “Gus” Griswald

            Robert Goulet as Mikey Blumberg

            Anndi McAfee as Gretchen P. Grundler

            Pamela Segall Adlon as Ashley Spinelli

“Incense And Peppermints”

            Strawberry Alarm Clock

“Let The Sunshine In”

            The 5th Dimension

“Nessun Dorma”

            Robert Goulet as Mikey Blumberg

“Nobody But Me”

            The Human Beinz


            Three Dog Night





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