Recess Christmas: Miracle On Third Street



Direct To Video Release Date; November 6, 2001

Copyright: Disney Enterprises, Inc. © 1998, 2000, 2001

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Length: 65 Minutes


Cast Characters Songs


Contains the following episodes of Disney’s Recess:

            The Great Can Drive (Original TV Air Date: November 22, 1997)

            Principal For A Day (Original TV Air Date: February 27, 1999)

            Weekend At Muriel’s (Original TV Air Date: January 9, 1999)

            Yes, Mikey, Santa Does Shave (Original TV Air Date: December 26, 1998)




            Allyce Beasley ~ Miss Alordayne Grotke

            Gregg Berger

            Klee Bragger ~ Digger Sam; Jimmy “Guru Kid”

            Dick Clark ~ Dick Clark

            Dabney Coleman ~ Principal Peter Prickly

            Rickey D’Shon Collins ~ Vince LaSalle

            Rachel Crane ~ Ashley Quinlan

            E. G. Daily ~ Kindergarteners

            Jason Davis ~ Mikey Blumberg (speaking)

            Paul Dooley ~ Hank

            Blake Ewing ~ Menlow

            Robert Goulet ~ Mikey Blumberg (singing)

            Jess Harnell

            Ashley Johnson ~ Gretchen P. Grundler

            James Earl Jones ~ Santa Claus

            Andy Lawrence ~ Theodore J. “T. J.” Detweiler

            Tress MacNeille ~ Ms. Lemon

            Ross Malinger ~ Theodore J. “T. J.” Detweiler (The Great Can Drive)

            Anndi McAfee ~ Ashley Armbruster

            Michael McKean ~ Mr. Bream

            Sam McMurray ~ Mr. Bob Spinelli

            Courtland Mead ~ Gustav Patton “Gus” Griswald

            Meagan Moore ~ Gustav Patton “Gus” Griswald (singing – “White Christmas”)

            Ryan O'Donohue ~ Digger Dave; Randall J. Weems

            Aaron Page ~ Theodore J. “T. J.” Detweiler (singing – “White Christmas”)

            Bobbi Page ~ “White Christmas” Additional Vocals

            Katey Sagal ~ Mrs. Flo Spinelli

            Ronnie Schell ~ Mayor Phillip FitzHugh

            Pamela Segall Adlon ~ Ashley Spinelli

            Michael Shulman ~ Francis/“Hustler Kid”

            Francesca Marie Smith ~ Ashley Boulet; Swinger Girl; Upsidedown Girl

            Erik von Detten ~ Captain Brad; Erwin Lawson

            Frank Welker

            April Winchell ~ Miss Muriel P. Finster




            Ashley Armbruster ~ Anndi McAfee

            Ashley Boulet ~ Francesca Marie Smith

            Ashley Quinlan ~ Rachel Crane

            Ashley Spinelli ~ Pamela Segall Adlon

            Ashley Tomassian

            Captain Brad ~ Erik von Detten

            Commander Blaine

            Dick Clark ~ Dick Clark

            Digger Dave ~ Ryan O'Donohue

            Digger Sam ~ Klee Bragger

            Dr. Zeek

            Erwin Lawson ~ Erik von Detten

            Francis/“Hustler Kid” ~ Michael Shulman



            Gretchen P. Grundler ~ Ashley Johnson

            Gustav Patton “Gus” Griswald ~ Courtland Mead; Meagan Moore (singing – “White Christmas”)

            Hank ~ Paul Dooley

            Jimmy/“Guru Kid” ~ Klee Bragger

            Kindergarteners ~ E. G. Daily

            King Bob


            Mayor Phillip FitzHugh ~ Ronnie Schell


            Menlow ~ Blake Ewing

            Mikey Blumberg ~ Jason Davis (speaking); Robert Goulet (singing)

            Miss Alordayne Grotke ~ Allyce Beasley

            Miss Furley

            Miss Muriel P. Finster ~ April Winchell

            Miss Salimony

            Miss Udora B. Finklestien

            Mr. Bob Spinelli ~ Sam McMurray

            Mr. Bream ~ Michael McKean

            Mrs. Flo Spinelli ~ Katey Sagal

            Ms. Lemon ~ Tress MacNeille

            Ned, the Mayor’s Chauffeur

            Principal Peter Prickly ~ Dabney Coleman

            Randall J. Weems ~ Ryan O'Donohue

            Randi Weathers

            Ricky McLeod

            Santa Claus ~ James Earl Jones

            Shopping Mall Santa

            Swinger Girl ~ Francesca Marie Smith

            Theodore J. “T. J.” Detweiler ~ Andy Lawrence; Ross Malinger (The Great Can Drive); Aaron Page (singing – “White Christmas”)

            Tricia the “Elf”

            Upsidedown Girl ~ Francesca Marie Smith

            Vince LaSalle ~ Rickey D’Shon Collins




“Jingle Bells”

            Robert Goulet as Mikey Blumberg

“White Christmas”

            Rickey D’Shon Collins as Vince LaSalle

            Robert Goulet as Mikey Blumberg

            Ashley Johnson as Gretchen P. Grundler

            Meagan Moore as Gustav Patton “Gus” Griswald

            Aaron Page as Theodore J. “T. J.” Detweiler

            Bobbi Page

            Pamela Segall Adlon as Ashley Spinelli





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