Our Friend, Martin



Release Date: January 12, 1999

Copyright: Intellectual Properties Management © 1998

Released by: Twentieth Century Fox

Produced by: DiC Entertainment, L.P. & Intellectual Properties Management

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Length: 60 Minutes


Cast Characters Songs Awards


While Disney owned DiC Entertainment at the time that this was produced, DiC did not retain copyright control.  Rather it was retained by Intellectual Properties Management which keeps the copyright on all things Martin Luther King, Jr. and is not included on the official list for that reason.



            Antuan ~ “Feelin’ It”

            Ed Asner ~ Mr. Harris

            Angela Bassett ~ Miles’ Mom

            Lucas Black ~ Randy

            Theodore Borders ~ Martin Luther King, Jr. (at age 12)

            Levar Burton ~ Martin Luther King, Jr. (at age 26)

            Jodi Carlisle ~ Additional Voice

            Sheryl Crow ~ “Imagine”

            Jessica Garcia ~ Maria

            Danny Glover ~ Train Conductor

            Whoopi Goldberg ~ Mrs. Peek

            Jess Harnell ~ Demonstrator; Reporter #1

            Samuel L. Jackson ~ Turner

            James Earl Jones ~ Daddy Jones

            Ashley Judd ~ Mrs. Dale

            Richard Kind ~ Mr. Willis

            Dexter Scott King ~ Martin Luther King, Jr. (at age 34)

            Yolanda King ~ Christine King

            Gladys Knight ~ “Friendship Train”

            Joe Lala ~ Demonstrator; Reporter #2

            Zachary Leigh ~ Kyle

            Debelah Morgan ~ “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”; “As Long As I Can Dream”

            P-Nutt ~ “Feelin’ It”

            Elizabeth Primm ~ Demonstrator; Old Woman

            Ray Ray ~ “Feelin’ It”

            Robert Ri’chard ~ Miles

            Diana Ross ~ “Reach Out And Touch (Somebody’s Hand)”

            Salt ‘n Pepa ~ “Imagine”

            Susan Sarandon ~ Mrs. Clark

            Shortee Red ~ “Feelin’ It”

            John Travolta ~ Kyle’s Dad

            Frank Welker ~ Bull Connor; Chihuahua

            John Wesley ~ Demonstrator; Man

            Jaleel White ~ Martin Luther King, Jr. (at age 15)

            Oprah Winfrey ~ Corretta Scott King

            Adam Wylie ~ Sam Dale




            Bull Connor ~ Frank Welker

            Chihuahua ~ Frank Welker

            Christine King ~ Yolanda King

            Corretta Scott King ~ Oprah Winfrey

            Daddy Jones ~ James Earl Jones

            Demonstrators ~ Jess Harnell; Joe Lala; Elizabeth Primm; John Wesley

            Kyle ~ Zachary Leigh

            Kyle’s Dad ~ John Travolta

            Man ~ John Wesley

            Maria ~ Jessica Garcia

            Martin Luther King, Jr. ~ Theodore Borders (at age 12); Levar Burton (at age 26); Dexter Scott King (at age 34); Jaleel White (at age 15)

            Miles ~ Robert Ri’chard

            Miles’ Mom ~ Angela Bassett

            Mr. Harris ~ Ed Asner

            Mr. Willis ~ Richard Kind

            Mrs. Clark ~ Susan Sarandon

            Mrs. Dale ~ Ashley Judd

            Mrs. Peek ~ Whoopi Goldberg

            Old Woman ~ Elizabeth Primm

            Randy ~ Lucas Black

            Reporter #1 ~ Jess Harnell

            Reporter #2 ~ Joe Lala

            Sam Dale ~ Adam Wylie

            Train Conductor ~ Danny Glover

            Turner ~ Samuel L. Jackson




Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”

            Debelah Morgan

“As Long As I Can Dream”

            Debelah Morgan

Feelin’ It”



            Ray Ray

            Shortee Red

“Friendship Train”

            Gladys Knight


            Sheryl Crow

            Salt ‘n Pepa

“Reach Out And Touch (Somebody’s Hand)”

            Diana Ross




1999 Emmy Award Nominee ~ Outstanding Animated Program (For Programming More Than One Hour) ~ Dawn Comer Jefferson, Christopher Simmons, Sib Ventress, & Deborah Pratt (writers); Andy Heyward, Phillip Jones, Robby London, & Michael Maliani (executive producers); Janice Sonski (coordinating producer); Rob Smiley & Vincenzo Trippetti (directors)





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