Mulan II



Direct To Video Release Date: February 2, 2005

Copyright: Disney Enterprises, Inc. (c) 2004

MPAA Rating: G (General Audiences ~ All Ages Admitted)

Length: 79 Minutes



Cast Characters Songs Awards



            Atomic Kitten ~ "(I Wanna Be) Like Other Girls"

            Jeff Bennett ~ Additional Voice

            Beth Blankenship ~ "Like Other Girls" Vocals (Mei or Su additional singing voice)

            Deena Brooks ~ "Lesson Number One" Background Vocals

            Ann Brown ~ "Lesson Number One" Background Vocals

            Cam Clarke ~ Additional Voice (Loop Group)

            David Cowgill ~ Additional Voice (Loop Group)

            Rachel Crane ~ Additional Voice (Loop Group)

            Randy Crenshaw ~ Ling (additional singing)

            Harvey Fierstein ~ Yao

            Victoria Fischette ~ "Lesson Number One" Background Vocals

            Freda Foh Shen ~ Fa Li

            June Foray ~ Grandmother Fa

            Elisa Gabrielli ~ Additional Voice (Loop Group)

            Jackie Gonneau ~ Additional Voice (Loop Group)

            Mandy Gonzalez ~ "Like Other Girls" Vocals (Mei or Su additional singing voice)

            Angela Haney ~ Additional Voice (Loop Group)

            Jillian Henry ~ Additional Voice

            Wendy Hoffman ~ Additional Voice (Loop Group)

            Karen Huie ~ Additional Voice (Loop Group)

            Art Kimbro ~ Additional Voice (Loop Group)

            Terri Koide ~ "Lesson Number One" Background Vocals

            Judy Kuhn ~ Ting Ting (additional singing)

            Michelle Kwan ~ Additional Voice

            Lucy Liu ~ Mei

            Valerie Lotito ~ "Lesson Number One" Background Vocals

            Tress MacNeille ~ Additional Voice

            Rowen Merrill ~ "Lesson Number One" Background Vocals

            Zoe Merrill ~ "Lesson Number One" Background Vocals

            Haeley Moore ~ "Lesson Number One" Background Vocals

            Meagan Moore ~ "Lesson Number One" Background Vocals

            Pat Morita ~ The Emperor

            Mark Moseley ~ Mushu

            Liliana Mumy ~ Additional Voice

            Mark Robert Myers ~ Additional Voice (Loop Group)

            Sandra Oh ~ Ting Ting

            Soon-Tek Oh ~ Fa Zhou

            Melissa Osser ~ Additional Voice (Loop Group)

            Bobbi Page ~ "Lesson Number One" Background Vocals

            Rob Paulsen ~ Additional Voice

            Zoe Poll ~ Additional Voice (Loop Group)

            Kevin Michael Richardson ~ Additional Voice

            Grace Rolek ~ Additional Voice (Loop Group)

            Jessica Rotter ~ "Lesson Number One" Background Vocals

            Lea Salonga ~ Fa Mulan (singing)

            Laurie Schillinger ~ "Lesson Number One" Background Vocals

            Dina Sherman ~ Additional Voice (Loop Group)

            Andre Sogliuzzo ~ Additional Voice (Loop Group)

            Susan Stevens-Logan ~ "Lesson Number One" Background Vocals [credited as Susan Stevens Logan]

            George Takei ~ First Ancestor

            Jeanine Tesori ~ "Lesson Number One" Background Vocals

            Brian Tochi ~ Additional Voice

            Lauren Tom ~ Su

            Jerry Tondo ~ Chien-Po

            Gedde Watanabe ~ Ling

            Frank Welker ~ Cri-Kee

            Ming-Na Wen ~ Fa Mulan (speaking) [credited as Ming-Na]

            Hayley Westenra ~ "Here Beside Me"

            April Winchell ~ Additional Voice

            B. D. Wong ~ Li Shang

            Terry Wood ~ "Lesson Number One" Background Vocals

            Keone Young ~ Additional Voice




            Chien-Po ~ Jerry Tondo

            Cri-Kee ~ Frank Welker

            The Emperor ~ Pat Morita

            Fa Li ~ Freda Foh Shen

            Fa Mulan ~ Lea Salonga (singing); Ming-Na Wen (speaking) [credited as Ming-Na]

            Fa Zhou ~ Soon-Tek Oh

            First Ancestor ~ George Takei

            Grandmother Fa ~ June Foray


            Ling ~ Randy Crenshaw (additional singing); Gedde Watanabe

            Li Shang ~ B. D. Wong

            Mei ~ Lucy Liu

            Mushu ~ Mark Moseley

            Su ~ Lauren Tom

            Ting Ting ~ Judy Kuhn (additional singing); Sandra Oh

            Yao ~ Harvey Fierstein




"A Girl Worth Fighting For (Redux)"

           Randy Crenshaw as Ling

           Harvey Fierstein as Yao

           Jerry Tondo as Chien-Po

           Gedde Watanabe as Ling

"Here Beside Me"

            Hayley Westenra

"(I Wanna Be) Like Other Girls"

            Atomic Kittens

"Lesson Number One"

            Deena Brooks on Background Vocals

            Ann Brown on Background Vocals

            Victoria Fischette on Background Vocals

            Terri Koide on Background Vocals

            Valerie Lotito on Background Vocals

            Rowen Merrill on Background Vocals

            Zoe Merrill on Background Vocals

            Haeley Moore on Background Vocals

            Meagan Moore on Background Vocals

            Bobbi Page on Background Vocals

            Jessica Rotter on Background Vocals

            Lea Salonga as Fa Mulan

            Laurie Schillinger on Background Vocals

            Susan Stevens-Logan on Background Vocals [credited as Susan Stevens Logan]

            Jeanine Tesori on Background Vocals

            Ming-Na Wen as Fa Mulan [credited as Ming-Na]

            Terry Wood on Background Vocals

"Like Other Girls"

            Beth Blankenship as Su OR Mei

            Mandy Gonzalez as Su OR Mei

            Judy Kuhn as Ting Ting

            Sandra Oh as Ting Ting

            Lauren Tom as Su







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