Kim Possible: A Sitch In Time



Direct To Video Release Date: March 16, 2004

Copyright: Disney Enterprises, Inc. © 2003

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

[TV Parental Guidelines Rating: TV: G (General Audience)]

Length: 66 Minutes


Cast Characters Songs Awards


Contains the following episodes of Kim Possible:

             Present (Original TV Air Date: November 28, 2003)

             Past (Original TV Air Date: November 28, 2003)

             Future (Original TV Air Date: November 28, 2003)




             A*Teens ~ “This Year”

             Brassy ~ “Work It Out”

             Aaron Carter ~ “Get Up On Ya Feet”

             Nancy Cartwright ~ Rufus

             Gary Cole ~ Dr. Stoppable (Kim's Dad)

             Cooler Kids ~ “E Is For Everybody”

             John DiMaggio ~ Dr. Drew "Drakken" Lipsky

             Michael Dorn ~ Rufus 3000

             Michael Clarke Duncan ~ Wade Load (Future)

             Harrison Fahn ~ Ronald “Ron” Stoppable (Pre-Kindergarten)

             Dakota Fanning ~ Kimberly Ann “Kim” Possible (Pre-Kindergarten)

             Shaun Fleming ~ Jim Possible (Present); Tim Possible (Present)

             Vivica A. Fox ~ Monique (Future)

             Will Friedle ~ Ronald “Ron” Stoppable (Present)

             Brian George ~ Duff Killigan

             Richard Gilliland ~ McHenry

             Elliott Gould ~ Mr. Stoppable

             Tom Kane ~ Real Estate Agent; Sir Montey “Monkey Fist” Fiske

             LMNT ~ “It's Just You”

             Andrea Martin ~ Mrs. Stoppable

             Tahj Mowry ~ Wade Load (Present)

             Freddie Prinze, Jr. ~ Jim Possible (Future); Tim Possible (Future)

             Raven ~ Monique (Present)

             Kelly Ripa ~ Bonnie Rockwaller (Future)

             Christy Carlson Romano ~ Kimberly Ann “Kim” Possible (Present)

             Jean Smart~ Dr. Stoppable (Kim's Mom)

             Kath Soucie ~ Cheerleader; Mrs. Mahoney; Teacher

             Kirsten Storms ~ Bonnie Rockwaller (Present)

             Nicole Sullivan ~ Shego




             Bonnie Rockwaller ~ Kelly Ripa (Future); Kirsten Storms (Present)

             Cheerleader ~ Kath Soucie

             Dr. Drew "Drakken" Lipsky ~ John DiMaggio

             Dr. Stoppable (Kim's Dad) ~ Gary Cole

             Dr. Stoppable (Kim's Mom) ~ Jean Smart

             Duff Killigan ~ Brian George

             Jim Possible ~Shaun Fleming (Present); Freddie Prinze, Jr. (Future)

             Kimberly Ann “Kim” Possible ~ Dakota Fanning (Pre-Kindergarten); Christy Carlson Romano (Present)

             McHenry ~ Richard Gillilard

             Monique ~ Vivica A. Fox (Future); Raven (Present)

             Mr. Stoppable ~ Elliott Gould

             Mrs. Mahoney ~ Kath Soucie

             Mrs. Stoppable ~ Andrea Martin

             Real Estate Agent ~ Tom Kane

             Ronald “Ron” Stoppable ~ Harrison Fahn (Pre-Kindergarten); Will Friedle (Present)

             Rufus ~ Nancy Cartwright

             Rufus 3000 ~ Michael Dorn

             Shego ~ Nicole Sullivan

             Sir Montey “Monkey Fist” Fiske ~ Tom Kane

             Teacher ~ Kath Soucie

             Tim Possible ~ Shaun Fleming (Present); Freddie Prinze, Jr. (Future)

             Wade Load ~ Michael Clarke Duncan (Future); Tahj Mowry (Present)




“Call Me! Beep Me!”

“Call Me! Beep Me! (Tony Phillips Remix)”

“E! Is For Everybody”

             Cooler Kids

“Get Up On Ya Feet”

             Aaron Carter

“It's Just You”


“This Year”


“Work It Out”







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