Inspector Gadget: Gadget’s Greatest Gadgets



Direct To Video Release Date: September 2, 1999

Copyright: DiC Productions, L.P. © 1999

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Length: 65 Minutes


Contains the following episodes of Inspector Gadget:

            Prince Of The Gypsies (Original TV Air Date: June 30, 1984)

            Gadget’s Gadgets (Original TV Air Date: October 19, 1985)

            The Capeman Cometh (Original TV Air Date: October 5, 1985)


Cast Characters



            Don Adams ~ Inspector Gadget

            Holly Berger ~ Penny

            Melleny Brown ~ Vespella

            Townsend Coleman ~ Corporal Capeman

            Jeri Cradden

            Greg Duffell ~ MAD Agent

            Don Francks ~ King

            Andy Goldberg ~ MAD Ninja

            Karen Hartman ~ Additional Voice

            Don Hennessey

            Ron House ~ Additional Voice

            Hadley Kay ~ Ballah

            Maurice LaMarche ~ Inspector Gadget

            Marilyn Lightstone ~ Additional Voice

            Louis Nye ~ MAD Agents

            Diane Pershing ~ Additional Voice

            Geneva Ann Simmons ~ Additional Voice

            Cree Summer ~ Penny

            Rita Taggart ~ MAD Nurse

            Frank Welker ~ Brain; Dr. Claw; Mad Cat

            Diz White ~ Additional Voice




            Ballah ~ Hadley Kay

            Brain ~ Frank Welker

            Corporal Capeman ~ Townsend Coleman

            Dr. Claw ~ Frank Welker

            Inspector Gadget ~ Don Adams; Maurice LaMarche

            King ~ Don Francks

            MAD Agents ~ Greg Duffell; Louis Nye

            MAD Cat ~ Frank Welker

            MAD Ninja ~ Andy Goldberg

            MAD Nurse ~ Rita Taggart

            Penny ~ Holly Berger; Cree Summer

            Vespella ~ Melleny Brown



Cast and Character name for Hadley Kay as Ballah; Character Names for Inspector Gadget, Brain, Mad Cat, Penny, Dr. Claw, Corporal Capeman, Vespella, MAD Agent, MAD Ninja, MAD Agents, MAD Nurse, & King from the Inspector Gadget: Gadget’s Greatest Gadgets page at Disney.com (disney.go.com) at  http://psc.disney.go.com/disneyvideos/moviefinder/products/1903603.html





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