Hercules: Zero To Hero



Release Date: August 17, 1999

Copyright: Disney Enterprises, Inc © 1998, 1999

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Length: 70 Minutes


Contains the following episodes of Hercules:

            Hercules And The First Day Of School (Original TV Air Date: September 12, 1998)

            Hercules And The Grim Avenger (Original TV Air Date: February 22, 1999)

            Hercules And The Visit From Zeus (Original TV Air Date: September 19, 1998)


Cast Characters Songs



            Diedrich Bader

            Jeff Bennett ~ Additional Voice

            Sandra Bernhard ~ Cassandra

            Corey Burton ~ Zeus

            Robert P. Costanzo ~ Philoctetes

            Tate Donovan ~ Hercules

            Michael Dorn ~ Additional Voice

            Susan Egan ~ Megara

            Cheryl Freeman ~ Melpomene

            Matt Frewer ~ Panic

            Brad Garrett ~ Additional Voice

            Alice Ghostly ~ Additional Voice

            Kathie Lee Gifford ~ Additional Voice

            Bobcat Goldthwait ~ Pain

            Eric Idle ~ Additional Voice

            John Kassir ~ Additional Voice

            Wayne Knight ~ Additional Voice

            Tress MacNeille ~ Additional Voice

            Roz Ryan ~ Thalia

            LaChanze Sapp ~ Terpsichore

            Paul Shaffer ~ Hermes

            Carole Shelley ~ Additional Voice

            Richard Simmons ~ Additional Voice

            Robert Stack ~ Narrator

            French Stewart ~ Icarus

            Eric Stoltz ~ Additional Voice

            Frank Welker ~ Additional Voice

            Lillias White ~ Calliope

            James Woods ~ Hades




            Calliope ~ Lillias White

            Cassandra ~ Sandra Bernhard


            Hades ~ James Woods

            Hercules ~ Tate Donovan

            Hermes ~ Paul Shaffer

            Icarus ~ French Stewart

            Megara ~ Susan Egan

            Melpomene ~ Cheryl Freeman

            Narrator ~ Robert Stack

            Pain ~ Bobcat Goldthwait

            Panic ~ Matt Frewer

            Philoctetes ~ Robert P. Costanzo

            Terpsichore ~ LaChanze Sapp

            Thalia ~ Roz Ryan

            Zeus ~ Corey Burton





            Corey Burton as Phil

            Tate Donovan as Hercules

“The Man That I Love”

            Susan Egan as Megara

“Screaming Greecian Teenage Blues”

            Cheryl Freeman as Melpomene

            Roz Ryan as Thalia

            Lillias White as Calliope

“Send My Boy To School”

            Roz Ryan as Thalia

            LaChanze Sapp as Terpsichore

            Lillias White as Calliope



Cast and Character name for Jodi Benson as Helen Of Troy; Character Names for Hercules, Hades, Cassandra, Panic, Thalia, Narrator, Icarus, Zeus, Philoctetes, Megara from the Hercules: Zero To Hero page at Disney.com (disney.go.com) at  http://psc.disney.go.com/disneyvideos/moviefinder/products/1775703.html





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