Doug’s 1st Movie



Premiere Release Date: March 19, 1999

Official Release Date: March 26, 1999

Copyright: Jumbo Pictures, Inc. © 1999

MPAA Rating: G (General Audiences ~ All Ages Admitted)

Length: 77 Minutes



Cast Characters Songs



            Michael Africk ~ “Someone Like Me”

            Doris Belack ~ Mayor Tippi Dink

            Bob Bottone ~ Bluff Assistant

            Fran Brill ~ Mrs. Perigrew

            Rodger Bumpass ~ Additional Voice

            Paul Eiding ~ Additional Voice

            Jackie Gonneau ~ Additional Voice

            Melissa Greenspan ~ Briar Langolier

            Guy Hadley ~ Guy Graham

            Bruce Bayley Johnson ~ Mr. Swirley

            Eddie Korbich ~ Al Sleech; Moo Sleech; Robocrusher

            Greg Lee ~ Principal Robert White

            Becca Lish ~ Connie Benge; Judy Funnie; Mrs. Theda Funnie

            Sherry Lynn ~ Additional Voice

            Mickie McGowan ~ Additional Voice

            Thomas McHugh ~ Douglas “Doug” Yancey Funnie; Lincoln

            Fred Newman ~ Mosquito “Skeeter” Valentine; Mr. Dink; Ned Cauphee; Porkchop; Additional Vocalizations; “Mona Mo”

            David O’Brien ~ Stentorian (Quailman) Announcer

            Chris Phillips ~ Boomer Bledsoe; Larry; Mr. Chiminy; Roger Klotz

            Alice Playten ~ Alma; Beebe Bluff

            Doug Preis ~ Bluff Agent #1; Chalkie Studebaker; Mr. Bluff; Mr. Phil Funnie; Willie White

            Phil Proctor ~ Additional Voice

            Dan Sawyer ~ “Deep Deep Water”; “Mona Mo”

            SHeDAISY ~ “Deep Deep Water (End Title)”

            Constance Shulman ~ Patricia “Patti” Mayonnaise

            Brianne Siddall ~ Additional Voice

            Frank Welker ~ Herman Melville

            Claudette Wells ~ Additional Voice




            Al Sleech ~ Eddie Korbich

            Alma ~ Alice Playten

            Beebe Bluff ~ Alice Playten

            Bluff Agent #1 ~ Doug Preis

            Bluff Assistant ~ Bob Bottone

            Boomer Bledsoe ~ Chris Phillips

            Briar Langolier ~ Melissa Greenspan

            Chalkie Studebaker ~ Doug Preis

            Connie Benge ~ Becca Lish

            Douglas “Doug” Yancey Funnie ~ Thomas McHugh

            Guy Graham ~ Guy Hadley

            Herman Melville ~ Frank Welker

            Judy Funnie ~ Becca Lish

            Larry ~ Chris Phillips

            Lincoln ~ Thomas McHugh

            Mayor Tippi Dink ~ Doris Belack

            Moo Sleech ~ Eddie Korbich

            Mosquito “Skeeter” Valentine ~ Fred Newman

            Mr. Bluff ~ Doug Preis

            Mr. Bud Dink ~ Fred Newman

            Mr. Chiminy ~ Chris Phillips

            Mr. Phil Funnie ~ Doug Preis

            Mr. Swirley ~ Bruce Bayley Johnson

            Mrs. Perigrew ~ Fran Brill

            Mrs. Theda Funnie  ~ Becca Lish

            Ned Cauphee ~ Fred Newman

            Patricia “Patti” Mayonnaise ~ Constance Shulman

            Porkchop ~ Fred Newman

            Principal Robert White ~ Greg Lee

            Robocrusher ~ Eddie Korbich

            Roger Klotz ~ Chris Phillips

            Stentorian (Quailman) Announcer ~ David O’Brien

            Willie White ~ Doug Preis




“Deep Deep Water”

            Dan Sawyer

“Deep Deep Water (End Title)”


“Mona Mo”

            Fred Newman

            Dan Sawyer

“Someone Like Me”

            Michael Africk





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